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Steller's Jay

Updated: Feb 8

The Steller’s jay is a striking deep blue and jet black. If I saw one only 'once-in-a-while', I might appreciate their beauty more. As it is, I see a lot of them every day, all day long. They are the woodland cousin to the crow; the screamers and tattle-talers of the forest. They are gluttonous bullies at the feeder - only the mama squirrel goes toe-to-toe with a Steller’s Jay. They screech and caw around the trees, and if you’re new to the area and don’t know, they will fool you with a piercing cry that sounds like you're in a classic western. As you are scanning the skies for that hawk you just heard, all you see is a Steller’s Jay sitting high in a Douglas fir grinning to himself.

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