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Squirrel Drama on the Patio

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Two squirrels are scrounging around the patio garden, picking up seeds dropped from the bird feeder and any other edibles they can find. The first squirrel digs into a plant pot while the other examines a pile of stones.

A third squirrel comes onto the scene and chases the one squirrel with only half a tail across the patio, around a potted cherry tree, and back again. Then simultaneously, all three squirrels freeze. Tensions are high. After a few seconds and a silent agreement, they resume their scrounging. The cat eases out of the cat door and watches the squirrels with interest. They ignore her.

One squirrel finds something valuable enough to run out into the yard to bury. Taking a few side glances to make sure no others are watching, he digs a little hole, drops it in, and pats the dirt back down. He returns to the patio with large hops over the wet grass.

The most ambitious squirrel eyes the bird feeder out of his reach. He climbs the cherry tree and leaps toward the feeder. He can’t quite latch on and falls onto a hydrangea, breaking off two beautiful pink blooms. He immediately tries again, this time managing to secure a hold using all four paws. He buries his nose into the opening of the feeder and manages a scrumptious moment before falling back onto the hydrangea.

Suddenly, the dog appears sprinting full force toward the patio. He’s the villain in this drama and aims to put a stop to any squirrel business. Everyone runs for their lives, including the cat. The patio is restored to quiet calm.

I don't have any good pictures of my patio, but here are some partials. the background.

Here is the villain himself. He doesn't put up with squirrel nonsense.

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